Internship Opportunities


We are always looking for bright and talented interns to join our fast paced team. Students passionate about documentary, history and film may find their niche with us.  From hands-on development, research, production to post, this position covers a lot of experience and ground.  Please keep in mind that we only hire students currently enrolled in a college or university and are qualified to receive school credit for their time with us.

For internship inquiries, please e-mail and include "internship" in the subject heading. 

Past Interns


“Iwerks & Co. was an enriching experience that gave me the opportunity to work with the wonderful filmmakers and learn from them! I loved my time there”.

-Spencer S.


“It was a great experience. I got to learn the ins and outs of what needs to be done to develop a documentary. It was great to be treated more like an employee rather than just an intern who is there to run errands and nothing else. I would describe it as very research heavy. If you’re not doing research then it is something else relevant to the company or the projects that are taking place at the time. It’s not an internship where you just sit twiddle your thumbs for 8 hours a day. You definitely get the most for your time there.”

-Leah N.


“My internship at Iwerks & Co. gave me the opportunity to understand both the production and post-production process of documentaries. The amazing team was always willing to answer my questions and I was able to explore various aspects of the company while being given interesting tasks”.

-Héloïse HL


“The internship was an immersive experience where I got to learn about how much goes into the post-production phase of a series when it comes to editing, research, cross-checking appearances and music in episodes, and the constant communication between the whole staff in order to complete the tasks at hand each day. Everyone at Iwerks & Co. was very helpful and welcoming and I gained more confidence, organizational and research skills from the experience”.

-Jen B.